About us

Who are we and What do we do?

Alajnabia is a website that works to connect female job seekers in Saudi Arabia to job opportunities. Our aim is to create an effective, accessible and easy job search for our users. We are committed to providing both our clients and users with the best customer service and care. We recognize that most jobs for females in Saudi Arabia are often advertised through word of mouth or personal references and many women lack such advantage. We wanted to create a platform on which women are offered positions through a healthy competitive environment. In this way we are also helping employers select from a very specific niche of applicants with different skills, education and experience as per required.


What makes us different?

We have started off our project with a narrow scope to work from. Our focus is for young women who lack advantage to be given chances and opportunities to showcase their skills and expertise. We recognize the difficulty for job seekers to find positions that can advance their careers, and we work to prioritize their needs as well as the employer's needs. As we have only just launched, we are still building up our database, but we will do our best to help you find what you’re looking for! Make Sure to stay tuned on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages for all our updates! Please feel free to contact us with any queries as we are committed to helping you as best we can.