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BSc, Cert.HE, MSc, MSc
Address: 78 Parker Road, Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury, WF12 0AR
Telephone: 07720632426

I am focused, determined and strive to succeed in any task at hand. I am professional and have a stern approach to business. I have experience of working for world known organisations and carried out a managerial role of running my own driving school since 2010.

MSc: 2013-2015: University of Bradford ​​
Safety pharmacology and drug toxicology
MSc: 2011-2012: University of Leeds​​
International Public Health​​​​
Cert, HE: 2009-2010: University of Sussex​ ​
Premedical Program ​​​​
BSc2005-2008: University of Bradford​​
Pharmaceutical Management ​​​​​​
(13 GCSE’s grades A*-C, A-Level Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and ICT)
Languages: Arabic (Read/Write), English, French (basic).


2010- Ongoing: CEO, Prompt Pass Driving Academy
Alongside my studies in 2010 I established Prompt Pass Driving School. Initially the school aimed to teach the practical skill of driving. Pupils with different backroads, learning disabilities and language barriers are taught and each lesson is tailored to the needs of the specific pupil. The school has proved to be a success.

After qualified as an advanced driving instructor I realised there were few female instructors and initially for the first few years of introducing my business, I was teaching entirely female students who felt at ease and within their comfort zone having a female instructor. Others preferred a female instructor due to social reasons, family expectations/values and conforming within their societal values. I was proud to be able to provide this service to females who would not have had this access if they did not have a female instructor.

Having years of experience, I have expanded the company to provide training for people who would like to train as driving instructors and allow franchising opportunities for existing instructors. The company has since expanded and both male and female instructors are available. Students are assigned to any instructor unless they request they would prefer either male or female.

While providing tuition I recognised a gap within teaching. Driving is a skill for life and I realised there were many pupils who lacked self-confidence and self-esteem therefore unable to make safe or consistent decisions while driving. It was vital that in order for pupils to be safe on the road more was required as the student's decisions impact not only themselves but people around them and public safety is vital. Recognising a gap in knowledge I introduced training sessions targeted for pupils who face various barriers for a variety of reasons such as stigma, cultural boundaries and access issues to help better social skills, decision making and personal independence to those who lack access or knowledge to the support groups within society. These sessions are held within the classroom where students can improve their theory practice, hazard practice and raise any issues they may have.

Since 2010 I operated the company both at management level and I was involved in providing tuition. I have now expanded my company ensuring weekly targets are met by myself as well as the employees who represent Prompt Pass. Working within an office environment, duties include carrying out presentations, classroom sessions, booking and rescheduling appointments, answering phone calls, using the computer to send company emails, managing pupil diaries and mentoring other instructors in order to provide the highest standard of teaching to all pupils regardless male or female. The profession has allowed me to stay calm in tough circumstances and to see my pupils drive towards independence is truly satisfying.

2012: United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Jordon.
While in a UNRWA health centre in Jordon I monitored and evaluated a reproductive health program on preconception care. As this was the first time the program was introduced I was responsible for analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the program within the health system. Research was conducted amongst displaced populations within a refugee context on reproductive health requirements particularly in the sexual rights of women and what barriers they faced, if any. Through the program analysis I was able to see the inequalities in health and how geographic boundaries would impact quality of life and access to health. The participants interviewed were primarily female however men were also interviewed. All participants were victims of humanitarian conflicts and had been part of crisis. This was an exciting opportunity where I had to design and carry out research independently and gained an outstanding mark. The project prepared me to work with diverse populations among challenging environments and beyond cultural boundaries consisting of ethics as the main principle behind every action. On completion I wrote a report on preconception care and carried out a presentation of the design and research findings to an audience including the chief of health in Jordon and UNRWA members. The report documented findings and proposed tasks that could better the health system indicating the importance of persuasive and negotiable ideas validated by findings throughout the report.

I attended the World Health Organisation in Geneva. I was engaged in discussions with the greatest minds of the world where discussions were held on policy formulation, current disease topics, communicable disease control, health promotion and the future of science. Aside from scientific debates access to health and education was discussed, the right for gender equality and social and economic access was considered as a major aspect that hindered women to access various amenities that we can often take for granted in the West. I visited conferences in United Nations, Red Cross, MSF and UNHCR which have developed my skills in becoming a confident speaker, debating and voicing opinions in a professional manner.